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People with dry eyes, red/swollen eyes, or itchy eyes know how uncomfortable these conditions can be. Relief from such conditions can often be found in eye drops, but now there's a new solution Olympic Ophthalmics' iTear100. iTear100 is an FDA-cleared handheld medical device, created by Olympic Ophthalmics, that uses focused oscillatory energy to activate the external nasal nerve. This process stimulates natural tear production in the eyes. This is a huge improvement over competitor products such as Tyrvaya and Xiidra, as it does not rely on eyedrops or medication.

The iTear100 device is easy to use. Just hold it, press the button to activate the vibrating tip, and gently touch the vibrating tip to the side of the nose. Immediate results can be expected in just 15 seconds. Unlike those other products, one does not need eyedrops, medication or lubricants to make use of the iTear100 device. It is lightweight and portable, and produces a natural solution to an uncomfortable problem.

If you suffer from severe dry eye, red/swollen eyes, or itchy eyes, don't waste any more time with eyedrops and other products. Try iTear100 from Olympic Ophthalmics and experience natural tear production in just 15 seconds.


Introducing iTear100, the first-of-its-kind handheld medical device cleared by the FDA that can be used to stimulate natural tear production. Created by Olympic Ophthalmics, the device offers a breakthrough solution for those with chronic dry eye issues, red/swollen eyes, and itchy eyes. Unlike competitor products like Tyrvaya and Xiidra, which require tedious eyedrops or lubricants, iTear100 employs focused oscillatory energy to quickly activate the external nasal nerve and cause natural tear production.

At just 3.8 ounces and designed with a user-friendly shape, iTear100 can be held, activated with a single button, and gently touched against the side of the nose for quick relief of dry eye symptoms. As opposed to other products that require multiple steps in a long process, iTear100 only takes 15 seconds to deliver immediate results.

For those sufferings from chronic dry eye problems, iTear100 offers a convenient and effective alternative to eyedrops and lubricants. Utilizing focused oscillatory energy to stimulate the external nasal nerve, iTear100 safely allows the body to produce its own natural tears without any medication or additional aids. Furthermore, because it's lightweight and portable, the device can be conveniently and discreetly carried around with you.

For ophthalmologists and professionals in the vision care industry, iTear100 provides a revolutionary tool to help their patients find relief from dry eye problems. By stimulating natural tear production within 15 seconds and eliminating the need for additional aids, iTear100 is changing the way professionals in the industry treat their patients' dry eye issues.

In the world of vision care, iTear100 is an unprecedented technological advancement that is revolutionizing the treatment of dry eye problems. With its FDA approval, quick and convenient operation, and immediate results, iTear100 is an innovative tool that can provide much-needed relief for patients with chronic dry eye symptoms.

Tired of struggling with chronic dry eye, red or swollen eyes, or itchy eyes? Olympic Ophthalmics has a solution: iTear100. Cleared by the FDA, iTear100 is a handheld medical device that delivers natural teardrop production without needing eyedrops or medication.

With iTear100, there's no mess and no fuss. All you have to do is hold it, press a button to activate the vibrating tip, and gently place the vibrating tip against the side of your nose. Within 15 seconds, natural tear production begins.

Unlike products such as Tyrvaya and Xiidra, iTear100 does not rely on eyedrops or lubricants, which are often cumbersome and messy. Lightweight and portable, iTear100 delivers immediate relief in just 15 seconds. With its vibrating tip, the device is much more convenient than having to constantly administer eyedrops.

An added bonus of iTear100 is that it encourages your body to produce its own tears, stimulating natural relief and healing. Unlike other products, which rely on medication to remedy eye issues, iTear100 provides easy and natural tear production, in just a few seconds.

So if you're looking for an easier way to relieve the symptoms of chronic dry eye, redness or itchy eyes, look no further than Olympic Ophthalmics' iTear100. With its convenient vibrating tip, portable design and natural tear production, you'll soon have the relief you're looking for in just 15 seconds.

Suffering from chronic dry eye issues, red or swollen eyes, or itchy eyes can drastically affect your daily life. Until now, the only solutions have been eye drops and medication, but thanks to Olympic Ophthalmics' new ingenious iTear100 device, those days are over. The iTear100 is now the intelligent answer to modern eye health and the first FDA-cleared handheld medical device that uses focused oscillatory energy to activate the external nasal nerve and stimulate natural teardrop production in the eyes.

Unlike competitors who rely on topical treatments like eyedrops, iTear100 requires no lubricants or medication and produces results in a mere 15 seconds. All you have to do is hold the iTear100 device, press a button to activate it, and gently touch the vibrating tip to the side of your nose until you naturally start to produce tears. What's more, the iTear100 device is lightweight and portable, so you can take it wherever you go.

Thanks to the iTear100, sufferers of dry eye now have a groundbreaking solution that not only quickly and easily provides relief, but also empowers them with a truly proactive solution to their eye health and comfort. Get iTear100 and say goodbye to eyedrops forever!

So don't delay experience the power of the iTear100 for yourself. To find out more about this revolutionary new device from Olympic Ophthalmics, call us at 650-300-9340 today!